Coming Of Age

Celebrating the new beginnings in your life can be a powerful and beautiful experience as well as a lot of fun. Opportunities to mark life transitions and acknowledge the shifts in our life stage and role are important to us all. Rites of passage are a basic human need that help us make sense of our world. They provide structure, balance, a sense of meaning and expectation and that provides a sense of well being. Ceremonies, rituals and celebrations can provide a sense of connection to another individual, families, cultures, societies, humanity or to whatever we consider divine or sacred.

Adolescence is a physical event, our bodies mature into adulthood regardless of our inner state. Acknowledging and celebrating these dramatic physical and emotional changes gives children confidence and a positive direction towards adulthood. Together we can create a beautiful, life affirming ceremony for the Coming of Age for an adolescent.

Young adults often move into the world with a series of events that mark their transition, whether it is leaving home, finishing school, the first job, going to university, receiving a drivers licence. There is no set point in our society where we accept and welcome young adults into the adult world. Your life journey and relationships could be enhanced with an individually crafted ceremony that reflects you and your beliefs for a young adult to be welcomed to the adult world.

Most humans celebrate at least some rites of passage, be it a birthday, wedding or commitment, blessing or naming a new born baby or pet, or the life of a loved one who has passed. We often mark, even in small ways, significant events in our lives – acceptance into university may be marked by a visit to a special restaurant, moving out of home with a house warming party. There are many new beginnings to celebrate that can help young adults and their families to honour the change and adapt to the inevitable transition of finishing school, our first job, driving.

If you want a simple celebration or a complex ritual, I have a broad range of celebration and ceremony ideas and samples. I also have extensive knowledge of ceremony and ritual and can draw from a variety of spiritual paths and traditions.

For every ceremony, I take time to know you and individually design and write your ceremony. Your ceremony will be a unique, personal, meaningful and beautiful reflection of you, your needs, values and personality. I listen to you and with creativity, experience and passion help you create the perfect ceremony. I also have a range of resources you can use for inspiration.

Each ceremony is individually crafted to reflect your love, your personality and your family. A beautiful Commemorative Booklet of the ceremony will be produced and given to you to keep. You will also receive a Commemorative Certificate on the day.

Officiating your ceremony is the culmination of many hours of preparation, which is included in the price. I will meet with you at least once to listen to you and learn about you and your family, to help us devise the perfect ceremony for your coming of age celebration or welcoming a young adult to adulthood. We can meet at my place or yours or at a mutually convenient place, we can even meet on Skype. To create your unique and personal ceremony we will be in contact as often as needed by phone, email, skype or hangouts.

On the day, I will be there at least 30 minutes prior to the ceremony to set up and check equipment. A PA system will be provided if required. I can also bring along a table, chair and cloth for signing the certificate. I am happy to wear appropriately themed clothes to fit with your ceremony.

A free no obligation consult and quote either in person or over the phone is provided for all ceremonies. The fee is determined by the complexity of the ceremony, the number of people involved, location and day of the week. However, the prices below will give you an indication.

  • Fees & Charges

    Range from $250-$400 depending on the ceremony you require. Travel beyond 60km is charged at $1 per km or by negotiation. A free, no obligation quote will be provided.

    Terms and conditions: $50 deposit to confirm booking. No cancellation fee is charged if you cancel more than 14 days before the ceremony and your deposit will be returned. The booking fee will not be returned if the ceremony is cancelled within 14 days of the date of the ceremony. Payment in full is required on the day.