Have fun and celebrate new beginnings in your life.

Celebrate Your Life

newbeg1_250x250Celebrate new beginnings and enhance your life!  Celebrating the new beginnings in your life can be a powerful and beautiful experience as well as a lot of fun. A uniquely personal baby naming or pet naming ceremony can create beautiful memories to treasure. I can also help you to create an amazing ceremony to honour any life change or achievement.

Enhance your life journey with an individually crafted ceremony that reflects you and your beliefs. Together we can create a beautiful, life affirming ceremony for a:


Ceremonies, Celebrations and Rituals

Opportunities to mark life transitions and acknowledge the shifts in our life stage and role are important to us all. Rites of passage are a basic human need that help us make sense of our world. They provide structure, balance, a sense of meaning and expectation and that provides a sense of well being. Ceremonies, rituals and celebrations can provide a sense of connection to another individual, families, cultures, societies, humanity or to whatever we consider divine or sacred.

Most humans celebrate at least some rites of passage, be it a birthday, wedding or commitment, blessing or naming a new born baby or pet, or the life of a loved one who has passed. We often mark, even in small ways, significant events in our lives – a promotion may be marked by a visit to a special restaurant, a child’s last day of kinda with a cake, you might ritually cleanse a new home or simply raise a glass of champagne.

If you want a simple celebration or a complex ritual, I have a broad range of celebration and ceremony ideas and samples. I also have extensive knowledge of ceremony and ritual and draw from a variety of spiritual paths and traditions.

For every ceremony, I take time to know you and individually design and write your ceremony. Your ceremony will be a unique, personal, meaningful and beautiful reflection of you, your needs, values and personality. I listen to you and with creativity, experience and passion help you create the perfect ceremony. I also have a range of resources you can use for inspiration.