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Marriage, Commitment Ceremonies & Renewal of Vows

Marriage-Equality-Logo-100x100-TransparentMarriage is one of the most significant life events we choose to include in our life journey.  The ceremony is the crucial point of the event, where you express yourself and your love.  The ceremony honours your life, your love and affirms your future direction. Taking everyone present on a journey of love and you both to a new life stage.

Same sex marriage is now legal in Australia as the law no longer discriminates on the basis of sex or gender.  Australian law now defines marriage as ‘the union of two people to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life’.


Making a commitment to another person is a significant life event. The vows you make are expressions of you and your love for each other.  Remembering and renewing the vows you have made to each other can be a beautiful and powerful reflection of your ongoing love and commitment to each other. A renewal of vows ceremony is an opportunity to honour and celebrate your love and reaffirm your future direction.

A wedding, commitment ceremony and a renewal of vows are all a public declaration of our love for one another and an opportunity to celebrate love and life surrounded by those we love and who honour and support us in our lives.




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