Natural Death Consultancy & Guidance

Natural Death ConsultDeath and taxes are inevitable. Unlike taxes, death is a natural process and the sacred end to our lives. Despite this we often find it difficult to talk about death. Planning for the end of your life is not being negative or going to make it come any sooner. Being prepared can can actually provide peace of mind. Facing our fears surrounding death can help us accept and transform those fears and allow us to live more fully.

Many of us have a will and that is where we put our wishes for the type of funeral we want, as well as particular preferences such as whether we want flowers or donations to a cause. Unfortunately, sometimes the will is not read until after the funeral. If you do have particular wishes or preferences for your funeral it makes good practical sense to think about it and make sure people know. One way of doing this is to have a file with all your wishes along with any legal documents.

Plans for the end of life need to consider before, during and after death. You can talk to me about the end of life experience you would like to have. I can help you to identify and clarify your wishes so they are known and respected. I can help you reclaim the process and achieve what you want to happen or help you find the information and resources you need to help you plan for the end of life you want for yourself or for someone you love.

I have studied with the Natural Death Care Centre, which was set up in 1995 to demystify death, dying and funerals. The Natural Death Care Centre encourages holistic and integrated approaches to the end of life and after death care as well as providing useful information and resources.

Ask me about –

  • Your funeral or life celebration
  • Advance Health Care Planning
  • Death Planning
  • Funeral Planning
  • Green funeral ideas


Your Life Celebration

Have you thought about the funeral or life celebration you want? Have you thought about the music you want? Is there a particular poem you would like read? Would you like a hand painted coffin? If so, do the people who will make these decisions at the time know what you want?

Do you want to know more about environmentally friendly options? If so, please feel free to ask me or look at my Facebook page for ideas.

I offer support to plan your funeral however far away it may be. There is no obligation to use my celebrancy service. I can help you design and create the funeral you want and anyone you choose can deliver it. I can help you to make a record of the music you want playing, the components of the ceremony, readings and speakers. We can discuss coffins, locations, intention, and any environmental considerations (such as cardboard or handmade coffins, or biodegradable urns). I can also just provide information or assist you to find the information you need.

Free Consultation

I offer a free 30 minute consultation to determine your needs and the information and support you require. At that time I can provide you with general advice, information and direct you to where you can find out more. That may be all you need from me. If you decide you would like me to help you further in any way I will give you a free, no obligation quote.